We exist so that your charity thrives.

We focus on developing long term relationships with charities who make the world a better place. As such, our priority is on annual contracts rather than providing one-off services.

This approach means that when we design a website, create a brochure, write a newsletter or provide field photography services, we are doing so with a clear and ever-growing awareness of your charity's history and goals. We see and care about the big picture.

Annual contracts begin as low as $175 a month, depending on the level of service you require.


Free Services

  • Grant Writing

  • Professional Development

  • Fundraising Event*

  • Proceeds from Annual Exhibition

  • Basic Graphic Design

Remote Services

  • Social Media Packages

  • Website Creation + Maintenance

  • Website Content Management and Blogs

  • eNewsletters and Appeal Letters

  • Graphic Design and Branding

Field Services

  • Photography and Videography

  • Audit and Program Reviews

  • Professional Development

Free Services

All of our annual clients receive a number of free services as part of their annual contracts regardless whether they are our smallest or largest client. We do this as part of our emphasis on long term relationships with clients.

Grant Writing: We spend a great deal of time researching grants and will regularly provide all annual contract holders a list of grants for which they could be eligible. In addition to this time spent researching, we also commit to apply to at least 2 of those grants on your behalf throughout the year.

Professional Development: We know there are millions of hours worth of resources available online, so once a month we send out a single article, Ted Talk or webinar that we feel will have the biggest impact on your work. Let us do the digging.

Fundraising Event Management: We are expanding our work in the Vancouver area over the next two years. With that in mind, we are offering all current and existing annual contract holders our services to plan and manage a fundraising event on your behalf. No tricks. Just one big party with the sole purpose of raising money for your cause. (*Vancouver only)

Annual Exhibition: All annual contract holders will be featured at our annual exhibition. In 2019, for example, that event raised an additional $5,000 which was split amongst charities with whom we had long term relationships with.

Basic Graphic Design: Annual contract holders will have access to 3 hours of graphic design services per month. That means that we can take care of any simple posters or brochures you might need throughout the month.

Our priority is on long term relationships with charities that matter.


Paid Annual Services

All annual contracts are tailor made to your needs. In addition to the free services mentioned above, they could include both remote and field services.

Remote Services: Our remote services focus on effectively telling your story. We work with our clients to develop a communications strategy that makes sense to your charity. That might be a comprehensive plan that includes a new website, regular newsletters, an annual mailout, extension social media management and an annual report; or it could be something much simpler like basic website maintenance and an eNewsletter.   

Field Services: Curitus began as an organization providing affordable field work to charities.

A big part of that has been providing videography and photography services in some of the most remote places on the planet. In order to maximize the value for your investment we also provide program audits, impact reports and professional development to staff working in the field. 



Your charity deserves long term, holistic success. Realizing your potential demands looking honestly at where you’re at. Our evaluation team guides you through the process of asking the tough questions, empowering you to do better with the staff, funding and volunteer resources you already have.

Ready to get started? Fill out our free needs assessment tool from the menu below and let’s see how we can help.