We exist so that your charity thrives.

It's really as simple as that. We're a team of communication experts who have worked with and for charities for years. We know how to connect your charity to potential funders and we know how to help maximize those hard earned dollars when you get them.


Our Story

Curitus began in 2014 when co-founders Chris Loh and Peter Lublink travelled to Iraq to help open a new school. The experience taught them many things including how committed those in the field are to serving others; as well as how much our skills in fundraising, communications and training were things that could make an immediate and measurable impact on causes that mattered. From that point on our philosophy has been to leverage our skills, talents and networks to ensure that charities that are making a positive contributions to the world can thrive.

“I am beyond thankful for Curitus. Their abilities are of the highest quality, creative and relevant. It is rare to find people who can take your vision and bring it into reality.”

— Andrew benson, the joyful project


Our team continues to expand and we now offer a range of technical and professional services designed to strengthen your charity’s impact and financial viability. Our skills include: program evaluation and administration, fund development, training, creative and technical writing and content production.

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The Vision

We partner with charities to strengthen their community impact and help them effectively tell their stories. We have a fundamental belief that people can and should help each other. We're excited by the passion and commitment of those who are on the frontlines of charity work. We want to leverage our skills and the skills of the wider public to support programs that matter and to call others to action because in the end - we are all human beings.

“Hiring Curitus to assess the effectiveness of our charity work in Africa has been extremely valuable for our organization.  I highly recommend the services of Curitus.”

-Maureen Loiselle, School Orchards Africa


As an organization we believe in innovation, in creativity and in doing our best to serve causes that we care about. We have worked with hospital programs, schools, conservation organizations, social enterprises and community development projects. We strongly believe that we can help you hit your funding targets, can help provide training and development and can provide key insights through our field audit reports. Why not start by completing our free Needs Assessment?

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Get Connected

If you are involved in charity or development work in Canada or around the world we’d love to talk. We want to support causes that matter because the bottom line for us is that, we exist so that your charity thrives.